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The Erica Zone

The very significant & large chargeability target now known as the Erica zone was discovered by the ground based 3D-IP (Induced Polarization) survey carried out over the Karen zone by SJ Geophysics in Q1-11. 

Spanning +1100 metres North to South with a width of +500 metres and a thickness of +400 metres this chargeability correlates very strongly with the grid sampling campaign of surface soils carried out in 2010.  See also maps below.

After assessing these early results Management has elected to aggressively pursue this target.  The Company will drill three strategically placed holes along strike of the Erica chargeability corridor to test for mineralization along the contact to assess requirements for an expanded program.

Erica Zone 3D Chargeability  Surface Soil Plan View 03-22-11

Karen-Erica-Bailey Airborne TMI RTP w/ Gold Soil & Rock Samples

Karen-Erica-Bailey Satelite w/Gold Soil Values

Karen-Erica-Baile Satelite w/ Cu Soil Values

Karen-Erica-Bailey Satelite w/ Bismuth Soil Values

Karen-Erica-Bailey Satelite w/ Antimony (Sb) Values

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